Scholarships are a mainstay in supporting ambitious young musicians. Members of the MRMTA have access to a number of scholarships for their students.


Scholarship Competition

The Music Scholarship Series was inaugurated in 1948 through the Winnipeg Branch of the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers’ Association. For over sixty years the competition has provided performance opportunities for developing musicians, constructive adjudication from esteemed music professionals and financial awards.

In 2011 administration of the competition became the responsibility of the Provincial Executive. The change in dynamics within the Manitoba music teachers’ community compelled the MRMTA to review the value of the scholarship series. The priorities included raising the profile of the competition, making it inclusive, accessible and fiscally viable. The restructured scholarship series allows for the addition of new competitions in the future. Changes in repertoire requirements for the most advanced piano and voice competitors now mirror those set by CMFTA for the National Competitions.

The above has been revised again in 2016 due to necessary changes to improve the Vocal and return the competition dates to pre-festival.

All advanced students competing in this scholarship series should be aiming to compete at the National Competition. It is an opportunity to travel to a new destination, to grow a professional network, to perform for an international audience, to be adjudicated by some of Canada’s most influential musicians, and to compete for additional financial awards. For information on the CFMTA National Competitions go to their website and click on the link to Programs and Competitions.

For all information regarding the MRMTA Scholarship Series, visit the MRMTA website at and click on the link to the Scholarship Series.

MRMTA Scholarship Regulations 2017-2018

MRMTA 2017-2018 Application

2018 Music Scholarship Series Schedule

Competition Syllabi

Piano and Instrumental

Piano and Instrumental Competition Program for Junior, Intermediate and Senior:

All students are required to perform two or three works of contrasting styles preferably from a current recognized Syllabus (RCM or CC) from the following categories.

  • Baroque
  • Classical
  • Romantic or Contemporary

Students may choose one selection at a comparable level not available in a
current recognized syllabus.


Voice Competition Program for Junior, Intermediate and Senior:

  • Junior: two songs of contrasting styles
  • Intermediate: three songs of contrasting styles in at least two languages
  • Senior: four songs
    • One opera, oratorio or musical theatre aria, no accompanying recitative
    • One 20th or 21st century English art song
    • Two contrasting songs from French, German or Spanish repertoire

Students may choose one selection at a comparable level not available in a
current recognized syllabus.

Recent Recipients of the Paper Scholarships


Grace Rich-Bastin Keyboard/Instrumental Award
Sarah Pu (Jane Petroni)
Madeleine Gauvin Scholarship for Strings
Tobias Klassen (Annette Hay)
Nita Eamer Memorial Scholarhip Award
Stephanie Li (Jane Petroni)
Ray Guerard (Jacqueline Ryz)
Harry Reginald Rowlin Memorial Strings Award
EmilyAnn Dueck (Laurel Howard)
Dorothy Lother Scholarship Justin Lin (David Moroz)
Holtby Scholarship- Piano Callum Kilgour (Jane Petroni)
Holtby Scholarship- Piano Nika Martinussen (Jacqueline Ryz)

Ray Guerard with his teacher Jacqueline Ryz

Recent Winners of the Scholarship Competition

Winner Eric Wang (Jane Petroni)

Winner Kendra Palles (Jane Petroni)

Winner Grace Gabrielle Lu (Jane Petroni)

Sabina Rzazade (Alexander Tselyakov)

Winner Claire-Marie Pena (Elizabeth Rotoff)

Ally Loyns (Tiffany Wilson)

No senior

Christina Thanisch-Smith (Monica Huisman)

Mason Dueck (Andrea Bell)

William Harder (Laurel Howard)

EmilyAnn Dueck (Laurel Howard)

Congratulations to everyone involved in this years' MRMTA Scholarship Competition,held again at Sterling Mennonite, January 29th to Feb. 1,with the Gala on Feb. 4th. It was a great success with a total of 42 competitors who all performed very well. The skill and great variety of music showcased the excellent teaching going on in this province.
Thanks to our new conveners, Margot Harding and Norinne Danzinger-Dueck for all their work, as well as Laurel Howard, and the volunteers who came out to help. Without volunteers, this competition would not continue, and we encourage others to also think about helping, as we always need more.