This year we held our 28th annual Musicthon at Grant Park Shopping Mall. What a fantastic venue! Not only did we have a beautiful space, the piano resonated through the mall with the high skylight above us, but we were advertising for our teachers! Expect some phone calls because people were asking how they could find a registered teacher in their area! This event is so important for not only our students who perform, but for all our teachers to get us out in the community and showing them that we exist.

The Musicthon was shortened to two days this year and we did not have the help of Variety so we set up an open guitar case to accept any donations. While Grant Park Mall is not the busiest of malls, we still raised $396.75 in cash donations. From the 110 students that performed, they pledged $4192.60 for a grand total of $4589.35. Thank you to the 17 teachers who participated, to my wonderful volunteers and to the students and parents that helped raised money and awareness for our association and a great cause! Way to go Ally Loyns, student of Tiffany Wilson, for raising $325! She has won two free tickets to the Virtuosi performance “Palette of Colours” featuring the Chooi Brothers, Nikki and Timothy, and pianist Philip Chiu.

The money raised will be divided amongst Margot Harding’s “Tinytunes” music daycare program and Joanne Diplock’s “Little Miracles Music and Play” as well as an “Emerging Artists” award at our upcoming 2019 Convention.