December 2014 Letter

December 1, 2014

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes from the Executive!

We have had a very eventful start to the year, beginning with the election a wonderful new executive at the Annual General Meeting. I’m so excited to have such enthusiastic members on board for the next 2 years. We have been brainstorming a lot of wonderful new ideas and can’t wait to get them started.

September started the new season with a big bang…lunch at the St. Charles Country Club, the Young Artist Concert and our Annual General Meeting. Special guest, Charline Farrell, President of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers, joined us for the weekend. She spoke at the AGM and had encouraging words for the MRMTA concerning the upcoming One Hundred Year celebration of our organization in 2019. That will also be a Convention Year to be held her in Manitoba. Charline had encouraging words and has generously offered that the CFMTA help us in any way possible over the next 5 years in planning the Canadian Federation Convention! It should be mentioned that the sandwiching of the Young Artist’s Concert between the luncheon at the St. Charles Country Club and the AGM was a sure fire way to increase attendance at all of the events. The audience was pleasantly surprise and really enjoyed the concert and the performers did an outstanding job. A special thank you goes out to members who signed up for their volunteer hours at this big event.

November we had 2 more events, Workshop #1 by Mary Hawn “Introducing Yoga in the Music Studio” was very well attended. Everyone felt the benefit of this morning of movement and camaraderie. Canada Music Week concert was a fun time for all involved. Once again, I must mention that the volunteers really went the extra mile to make the occasion a special one. They had posters, prizes, cake and even honoured composers at the concert. It truly was an excellent student concert.

The Pre-Diploma group is working very hard and presenting some great workshops this year. All members are invited to attend, and remember, if you have a student studying in Gr. X or at diploma level, this is a wonderful group to join! Michelle Leclerc is currently president of this group. Please read her article further on in the Take Note Magazine about their recent workshop.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! We are proud to announce a fundraising adventure for our members in anticipation of the 2019 CFMTA Convention. As you know, it will cost a lot for such a small organization to host up to 1,000 teachers coming to Winnipeg from across the country and we want to really do a great job. So, brush off your instruments and tune up your vocal chords! May 3rd, 2015 we invite teachers to donate their talent to a mega concert. This will be a grand “SERATA” of Italian music and food! Pick your favourite Italian composer be it Rossini, Scarlatti, Verdi, Tosti, Morricone and get creative. Choose your favourite colleagues and start planning duets, trios…..ensembles? Anything goes. I’m imagining a little “Soave il vento” trio from Cosi fan tutte! Or Vivaldi’s “Le quattro stagioni”. Do we have 4 violin soloists ready for the performing of all four seasons? Anything goes! Why not some Cinema Paradiso music, or Andrea Boccelli’s popular Italian classics! The list stops only with one’s imagination. Start telling your students about the event and get them hyped up! This is a fundraiser, so let’s fill the hall.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tiffany A. Wilson, President