August 2014 Letter

August 1, 2014

Dearest Friends and MRMTA Members,

Happy Summer Vacation to all! Since our last issue of Take Note, the MRMTA activities have been winding down and gearing up for the next season of important events. It was so much fun to wrap up the MRMTA at the Wine-Up in June. Thanks to all who came out for the fun. If you missed it this year, don’t worry and make sure you come for the next “June Wine-Up” in 2015.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have helped me through this first year as President. Without this executive and the energy behind every event, I’m sure that things would have been more daunting than they were. A big warm thank you especially to Eleanor Lwiwski (I spelled it right!) for serving this year as Vice-President. Your help and guidance have been inspiring to say the least and I don’t know what I would have done without your advice and patience. I’m particularly pleased that despite all of your other commitments, you have let your name stand for the next election as PastPresident.

Last month, Eleanor Lwiwski and I were in Toronto for the CFMTA meetings. As representatives of Manitoba, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet teachers who volunteer from all across Canada and are dedicated to the bigger, world wide picture of teachers of music. The officers and delegates were all kind and encouraging. One result of our meetings is that a committee is being formed to help Manitoba with modernizing our Association and helping us gear up towards hosting the 2019 Conference in conjunction with our 100 Year Anniversary. We hope that with their help, we will be able to hold the Conference and sustain the financial and volunteering pressure it will inevitably create. We are thankful to the CFMTA for this gesture and will not let them down. President Charline Farrell will be in Winnipeg in September to start those talks and to address our members at the AGM.

Our biggest event of the year happens in September at the AGM. In one fell swoop you can meet CFMTA President, Charline Farrell who gives the opening address to us at our AGM. Held at the St. Charles’ Country Club, we have also invited the Young Artist winners to perform after the luncheon, just before the AGM. It will be a lovely afternoon chalk full of activities. Get your tickets soon!

Finally, I’d also really like to thank the teachers who helped get the Holtby Scholarship back up on its feet. There were so many wonderful applicants. Six scholarships of $2,000 were awarded to very deserving recipients. We have received many thanks you letters, so please turn the pages and read more about our teachers and students in Manitoba in this, our online Take Note Magazine.

The Executive has been working hard to prepare a full calendar of upcoming events. Please take time to mark your calendars with important dates in the 2014-2015 teaching season. The annual Musicthon, Scholarship Competition and Canada Music Week® are huge opportunities for students to perform in front of an audience. Attendance has been waning over the last couple of years, so hopefully knowing the dates now will help you prepare your own calendar.


Tiffany A. Wilson, President