December 2013 Letter

December 1, 2013

Dear MRMTA Member,

Welcome to our new Take Note Magazine! You may be reading it in your email box; on our Website, via Facebook, or you may be holding one of the 30 printed copies for those members who still prefer reading a good, old hard copy. No matter where you read the magazine, it will be informative as well as entertaining. There will be some new features such as a Q & A section for examiners and the “Feature Teacher” page which will appear in our second issue, (one of 3 issues per year). The executive welcomes, Dina Pollock, our new editor. You, as a member, are welcome to help us make this magazine vibrant with pictures, stories and any original ideas. Are you a writer in Manitoba? Why not submit an article? All input is welcome.

It was a privilege to be asked by the Royal Conservatory of Music to host the Gold Award Ceremony for Manitoba in November. Not only was it a celebration of the student’s achievements, but it also encouraged the recognition of their teachers. To my delight, I knew most of the teachers listed next to their students’ name, in the program. There were many teachers who are members of the MRMTA and I was thrilled to see the accomplishments of so many of our members. So often, we as teachers feel a need to be modest and humble about our success… I too had a student win gold, and couldn’t be more pleased. Some may say that it is bragging, but building a successful studio takes a lot of work and dedication. A pat on the back between colleagues is well deserved when we as teachers get out of the studio. This was a big reward for my student and for me as a teacher in Manitoba. It was the same for every teacher that came out to the ceremony. We were all beaming from ear to ear with pride, and yes, it was as much for ourselves as for our students!

Did you know that you have a chance to win a free trip anywhere in North America from the MRMTA? Yes! I’m so excited. Open to all MRMTA teachers and executive members, Verna Wiebe, in conjunction with our annual Musicthon is upping the anti! The teacher who enters the most participants will win the tickets. Variety, The Children’s Charity has successfully secured 3 consecutive days at THE FORKS for our annual MUSICTHON! Starting February 14th through the 16th, 2014 we will have a fabulous, highly visible location to perform in and raise money. Sign up your students, get pledges and volunteer for our booth! We encourage our members to attend along with their students and help promote this fundraiser and the MRMTA. How exciting that our students have the opportunity to perform in such a popular space. It will certainly be a vibrant place to play or sing, especially right before the big Winnipeg Music Festival.

This year, the executive is glad to continue many of the annual events such as the Canada Music Week concert, the Scholarship competition, the Young Artists Series and the Musicthon. We have noticed a significant decline in volunteering at venues when an event is happening. If you plan to attend, ask the organizer of the event if you could help out by handing out programs, organizing student performers or getting a reception ready. Every little bit helps.

Don’t forget to note the 2013-2014 Calendar of Events. It is continually evolving and has undergone many changes since the directory came out. Deadlines and events have been listed chronologically for your convenience. Mostly, come out and support this wonderful organization. Get involved with the MRMTA! Believe me, if I, a single music teaching mom can do this, anyone can find the time!


Tiffany A. Wilson, President