September 2013 Letter

September 1, 2013

Dear MRMTA Member,

A warm welcome back to another year of teaching and inspiring our students; as we forge ahead with energy and determination to make this another successful year for our music studio and students! I’ve always enjoyed getting advice from members who have many more years of experience than I, and I’m never afraid to ask for help, as I know it can only help me improve and grow wiser. What a wonderful thing it is to be a part of an organization full of opportunity such as the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers’ Association.

* BIG NEWS for us this year: The MRMTA, in association with Variety, The Children’s Charity has successfully secured 3 consecutive days at THE FORKS for our annual MUSICTHON! Starting February 14th through the 16th, 2014 we will have this fabulous, highly visible location to perform in and raise money. Gina Wedel, Verna Wiebe and I are so pleased that we took time out of our summer holidaying to make this happen. We hope that you too will be excited and help to promote this event. Sign up your students, get pledges and volunteer for our booth. We encourage our members to attend along with their students and help promote this fundraiser and the MRMTA. How exciting that our students have the opportunity to perform in such a popular space! It will certainly be a vibrant place to play or sing…..and we may have a few surprise entertainers joining the stage with our students!! But that is TBA!

Thank you for your patience in receiving the new directory. It has taken some time to be readied this year due to being re-printed. It will be delivered to the usual stores and all the school divisions in the next few days. The new directory is also on-line, thanks to the hard work of our new web person, Bernadette Geras. Do take time to look at our website to see your information pop up when searching either for a specific area, a specific instrument or a specific teacher. What a great addition to our website!

The Scholarship Competition is still at high risk of being cancelled. We desperately need volunteers to help organise and run the competition. In particular, we need people to be at the venues to receive students and music, help the adjudicator and manage the entrance fees for the performances. These people can be parents or members or someone’s grandmother! We just need help. Let us know if you can help in anyway, as soon as you possibly can.

Take Note Magazine update: 2 candidates have come forward for the Editor’s position. The next publication should be ready by January, the winter edition, if not sooner. The magazine will still be printed and mailed to those members who do not wish to read it online. Otherwise, we hope to save this organization a lot of extra costs incurred with the printing of our magazine.

Inside the directory is the 2013-2014 Calendar of Events. It’s on the last inside page. Deadlines and events have been listed chronologically for your convenience. Our first event is a Meet & Greet on October 6, 2013 from 2 – 4pm in Wildwood Park, 621 South Drive. Consider this your invitation to come join the Manitoba executive and share your ideas and stories with us! Bring a friend! Bring a spouse! Bring your music!


Tiffany A. Wilson, President