Winter 2016

Letter from the President December 2016
So, another year bites the dust! Say goodbye to 2016 with a relaxing Coffee/Cookies and Computer event at my house on the 12th where we can socialize and put our profiles up on the website. I hope you will be there! Then the MRMTA dives into 2017 with a Scholarship Competition and Musicthon in February! Once we all survive festival season, some of us are off to Baltimore for the joint conference between the MTNA in the USA and the CFMTA/FCAPM. This will be the second ever joint conference between Canada and the United States. Then it will be spring! Go team. Time to Brag……
A team is what we have going for us here in Manitoba! My kids often complain about group projects at school. You know the complaints, “So and so isn’t pulling their weight; only 2 of us are doing all the work etc. etc.” Well your team here at the MRMTA is all pulling their weight and then some! Gina Wedel is our registrar AND Musicthon organizer. Alanna Courtney keeps our books balanced, Betti Canning, our secretary, keeps us aware of our duties and we are so grateful to have 2 new members at large on our team: Viktoriya Tuz and Linda DePauw. Dianne Norris has stepped into the Communications job, Bernadette Geras is consistently updating the website and Michele Leclerc’s Pre-Diploma group is active and thriving. Finally, past president Tiffany Wilson is a huge help in guiding me through the learning curve of what it means to be MRMTA President. Thanks, everyone! And please look at the great pics from the AGM this past September.
The Canada Music Week Concert was something to brag about and you can read about that in this Take Note issue. Musicthon sign-up is ready and don’t forget to sign up for a spot to perform in Serata: An Evening of Musical Delights in May by contacting Tiffany Wilson. The Scholarship Gala concert is a great way to spend an evening this February, and if you have time for a workshop as well, check out the calendar for those dates. The pre-diploma group always welcomes full members to their workshops. If your body is in pain, you may want to be at the workshop on January 15th…. you’ll have to read the calendar to find out the topic!
Here comes the nag…. (don’t stop reading!)
Have you heard about our conference and 100th anniversary in 2019? Well if you haven’t, let’s be honest, you haven’t been reading the emails we send you! It is going to be a great big celebration of musical relationships in Manitoba through 100 years. In honor of this occasion, a book is being written by Muriel Smith, who presented some of her ideas at the AGM in September. Research has begun and a motion has been passed to finance the first stage of this endeavor. If you have memories and/or photos, please gather them and watch for a 100th Anniversary/Conference button on our website so that you can contribute your knowledge in the new year. Our conference/celebration is being called :
We are, of course, still searching for someone to convene this event. We may have to hire someone outside of the MRMTA as no one has stepped forward. It’s going to be a wonderful celebration; we are starting to brainstorm and need your input! A conference committee will be organized in the new year once a convenor has been found or hired.
All the best to you and yours over the holidays. Now go enable the making of music!
Leanne Hiebert
President, MRMTA
President's Letter Winter 2016