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President’s Letter Winter 2017

Letter from the President December 2017
Never too old for a Christmas list, right? Honestly, I don’t NEED anything (well maybe a magic wand to clean my house), but I do have a few dreams for our organization. However, before you read my list, I would like to say that we, as an executive (and many of us doubling on the conference planning committee) are having a pretty good time planning and meeting together. The work is hard, and we are dedicated to doing our best, but I must admit that going to meetings with this group of teachers/organizers/musicians really energizes me. Thanks for your dedication everyone!
Enjoy reading this edition of Take Note. You will see the events of the year thus far, and will be informed of events and deadlines to come. Now for my list (drum roll please……)
1-That each member would go get one more teacher to join our organization. This includes possibly getting some higher-level students involved in the pre-diploma program. I have my sights set on a certain guitar teacher…. Wouldn’t it be great to have more members? I think there’s a price incentive in there somewhere for March registration!
2-That we will have way too many teachers wanting to perform in Serata (our fundraising concert for the conference) and a full audience on May 6th. I dare you to get a piano duet/trio/quartet together for May!!! Music is so much about connecting and if you are like me, making music with others feeds your soul!
3-That you are still reading this, and planning to come to the conference in July 2019. We just finalized the logo made by graphic designer Jodi Pratt (see her advert if you need any design work), and hope you get connected with us by volunteering for July 2019. We need you! It will be a good time, guaranteed! I think we can show the rest of Canada how much fun it is to be a musician in Winnipeg!
4-A volunteer to run the trade show for the conference. This is a big job, but someone out there is meant for it, and maybe it’s you! The team behind you is strong, so if you are interested, give me Evangeline or Annette a call.
Go team. Maybe I’ll see you at my place for coffee on the 11th, or at Scholarship Competition (end of Jan/early Feb) or Musicthon (Feb 10-11)!
I hope you all enjoy the holidays however you celebrate them! Get some R & R-cheers!